Gap Analysis17/05/2016

ISO9001 LMM have completed the new gap analysis with a view to be compliant with the new standards of 9001 released last year with thanks to Q and E Consultancy for guiding us through this process.

Robbie joins the team21/04/2016

LMM Design are pleased to announce that Robbie has joined us in the capacity of production assistant to Svetlana.

LMM buys Phoenix Flow08/04/2016

LMM Designs Ltd has purchased Phoenix Flow Measurement Limited, the former owner and director John has remained with the company as an integral part of its operations, day to day running of the company has been passed to Alexey. Over all management will be fulfilled by LMM.

Ryan joins the team25/01/2016

LMM Designs are pleased to announce an important new recruit to the business Ryan whose overall duties as an experienced test engineer will be to ensure that all products are tested, qualified and quality checked before being despatched to the customer.

LMM's new office01/10/2015

LMM designs have moved to Minster Court to enable a controlled expansion of the business, these new offices and workshops have allowed us to use a clean sheet to create a highly controlled environment for the production, testing, burn in phases of the products.


Working on small, medium and large projects from the early 80's has enabled the entire design to production cycle to be performed quickly and to the required customer standards.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 certification was gained in 2009, and with audits every 6 months, we maintain the high standard required by the industry.

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