Products Batcher

The Batcher has an exceptional high visibility display for ease of operator use.

Using linearisation for the main flow input to keep accuracy from a wide range of flow sensors.

Remote start, stop and reset function ensure machine control interlocks.

Optional serial link, RS232 or Multidrop RS485

User sets engineering units and system parameters from a simple interface using the front panel.

The Batcher have been designed to provide a lower cost standard batching applications, built on the Multiflow front panel to provide a clear operator display and ease of operation.

  • Batch and Pre-batch relays programmable
  • High and low flow relays
  • Analogue output
  • Sensor exicitation voltage
  • Pulse, sine, namur, pnp, npn inputs
  • 90-265vac / 12-24vdc input range


Working on small, medium and large projects from the early 80's has enabled the entire design to production cycle to be performed quickly and to the required customer standards.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 certification was gained in 2009, and with audits every 6 months, we maintain the high standard required by the industry.

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