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Frequency enters the card together with the optional temperature, here it is processed via tables and internal graphs to produce a linear flow rate which is then output as a linear frequency and analog output, voltage or current

The LIN cards have been designed to provide a high speed linearised solution to non-linear turbine flow meters.

PC software and programming cable allow the user to adjust the card to suit their application as well as providing easy re-calibration of the data.

  • Optional cards and installed programs
  • Temperature compensation UV curve
  • Gas flow with Temperature and Pressure inputs
  • Bi-directional detection with dual pickoff
  • Dual rotor summing calculations


Lin Spec Sheet.pdf
TLin Spec Sheet.pdf
Lin Wiring diagram.pdf
Download PC software V3.0

The ZIP file is password protected.
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Working on small, medium and large projects from the early 80's has enabled the entire design to production cycle to be performed quickly and to the required customer standards.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 certification was gained in 2009, and with audits every 6 months, we maintain the high standard required by the industry.

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