The Multiflow has been designed to cope with the demands of flow measurement, control and applications that require more than ‘off the shelf’ instrumentation. It can be tailored to virtually any flow application from the most basic of rate and total indicators to a batcher or full control system with computer and printer interface.

With the ability to add and remove frequency inputs, analogue inputs, digital outputs, relay outputs and communication loops the user can design (at the time of order) which hardware is fitted and hence the algorithms required. So flexibility is achieved through features such as:

  • User defined hardware
  • Digital and analogue IO
  • User defined application specific programs
  • Aerospace volume to density
  • Gas flows with temperature & pressure compensation
  • Process batching
  • Multi recipe systems

In particular, multiple analogue process inputs can be used by sensors measuring the following:

  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Pressure – absolute / barometric / gauge / differential

The Multiflow has a HUB card fitted as standard that can have either RS232 or RS485 serial communications, selectable by fitting a link. The data logging option allows data to be logged for storage or downloaded to a computer.

Up to 5 additional cards can be fitted in any order as required. In addition, each card can have some or all of the functions fitted. In detail:

  • Frequency card – maximum of 3 frequency inputs
  • Analogue card – 2 inputs, 2 outputs, 2 PT100 inputs
  • Relay card – maximum of 6 relays
  • Analogue out – 3 analogue outputs and 6 digital inputs

Entry of calibration data is achieved by a custom infra-red keyboard that is supplied with the order. This accordingly ensures the security of the data by means of a passcode. Then user functions can be carried out on the front panel keys.